Software Studies: Against Search

Unfortunately, the current standard in media access – computer search – does not take us out of this paradigm. Search interface is a blank frame waiting for you to type something. Before you click on search button, you have to decide what keywords and phrases to search for. So while the search brings a dramatic increase in speed of access, it assumes is that you know beforehand something about the collection worth exploring further.

We need the techniques for efficient browsing of content and discovery of patterns in massive media collections. Consider this defintion of “browse”: “To scan, to casually look through in order to find items of interest, especially without knowledge of what to look for beforehand” (“Browse”, Wiktionary). Consider also one of the meanings of the word “exploration”: “to travel somewhere in search of discovery” (“Exploration”, Wiktionary.) How can we discover interesting things in massive media collections? I.e., how can we browse through them efficiently and effectively, without a knowledge of what we want to find?

vía Software Studies: Against Search.

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